Introduction to Heat Island Institute International

  Heat Island Institute International was established to be a place to unify different fields and investigate the urgently-needed technology and strategies for heat islands. The Institute aims to do research and development of technology as well as promoting its application in a different way from conventional academic bodies in that it links a broad range of universities, researchers, national and self-governing bodies, corporations, private individuals, NPOs, NGOs, and citizen groups.


Annual symposium in Japan
This is divided into academic, national, corporate, self-governing body, NPO, and overseas sessions, with each having its own presentations.
Publication of a Web Journal and International Journal
This is not a printed journal but a journal on the web. We also publish an English journal, “Journal of Heat Island”.
Distribution of a newsletter
A web newsletter is published as appropriate.
Holding of seminars, symposia, and learning opportunities
We hold technical courses on topics such as the alleviation of heat islands, technology for field observation, greening technology, and production of a heat island hazard map as well as all kinds of distribution and public awareness activities involving corporations, self-governing bodies, and citizen organizations.
We actively commend basic research on heat islands, original inventions, and the development and diffusion of the technology for alleviation of heat islands.
We welcome submissions of research papers, technical material, and other technical articles
We publish papers, resources, and introduction of new technologies on heat islands, after checking.
Other activities
The Institute, to fundamentally alleviate heat islands, offers a place to unify knowledge on outstanding methods and technologies from every field including the political, financial, legal, medical, architectural, and preventative health approaches.

Journal of Heat Island Institute International (Web Journal) [ISSN 2188-4056]

The Journal of Heat Island Institute International is a Web Journal produced by Heat Island Institute International. It publishes academic papers and technical reports related to heat islands. The journal allows the titles, authors, outlines in English, and the full text of publications to be viewed freely. The following links go to individual issues.

Get Adobe Reader To read the contents of the journal, Adobe Reader (available free of charge) is required. The download page for Adobe Reader may be accessed via the download link on the left. If the logo is not visible, please click here.

We are calling for publications!
The Institute is currently calling for publications. Details such as how to submit, and publication charges, are given in the various documents below. Our hope is that all members will enthusiastically submit manuscripts.

About the journal and submissions of manuscripts

  1. The journal is published as a Web Journal.
  2. One of the authors must be a member of this Institute.
  3. The papers are published on the web page as they are refereed.
  4. Anyone may freely view the published papers of the journal.
  5. There is no restriction on number of pages. Color illustrations are also allowed.
  6. Papers published in the journal may also be republished in the minutes of national meetings.
  7. Printed copies of papers are sold for the cost of production on request. For exact costs, please contact the publication office.

※For more details, please consult the following documents.


These documents may be downloaded from the following locations.