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日本ヒートアイランド学会論文集 Vol.15 (2020)

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Regional features and temporal variations of heat-stroke ambulance transport rates in Japan―Comparison with mortality―

藤部文昭 Fumiaki Fujibe*1 松本 淳 Jun Matsumoto *1  鈴木秀人 Hideto Suzuki*2

*1 東京都立大学都市環境学部 Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University

*2 東京都監察医務院 Tokyo Medical Examiner's Office


Data on ambulance transport rate of patients with heat stroke from 2008 to 2018 in Japan were used to examine regional features and temporal variations of transport from climatological viewpoints. The transport rate is correlated with summer mean temperature both spatially and in year-to-year variations. Regarding seasonal variations, the transport rate is higher in early summer than in late summer by a factor of two or more. On a daily basis, the transport rate for days with specified maximum temperature levels tends to be higher in prefectures with cooler summer climate. These features are similar to those of heat-stroke mortality, although there are a number of differences in the climatological features of transport rate and mortality.