Contents of Journal of Heat Island Institute International, Vol. 12-2 (2017),

Special Issue "the 8th Japanese-German Meeting on Urban Climatologyg

Guest Editor: Masakazu Moriyama, Wilhelm Kuttler, Hiroshi Miyazaki

Editor: Atsumasa Yoshida, Hideki Takebayashi




2-1 Some effects of water bodies on the n environment – numerical experiments

Günter Gross (2-1_gross.pdf)


2-2 Use of local age of air to study the relation between ventilation efficiency and building configuration

Franchesca G. Gonzalez O., Tomohito Matsuo, Hikari Shimadera, Akira Kondo (2-2_gonzalez.pdf)


5-3 Impact of land breezes on nocturnal temperature in the Osaka Plain

Takashi Ogawa, Ryusuke Yasuda, Atsumasa Yoshida (5-3_ogawa.pdf)


7-5 Large-eddy simulation of non-isothermal flow around a building using artificially generated inflow turbulent fluctuations of wind velocity and air temperature

Tsubasa Okaze, Akashi Mochida (7-5_okaze.pdf)


8-1 Effect of trees and greening of buildings on the indoor heating and cooling load - microscale numerical experiment

Robert von Tils (8-1_tils.pdf)


P-3 The influence of building shapes to the street wind - using wind tunnel experiment and numerical computation -

Ayana Fukui, Xiayue Wang, Masakazu Moriyama, Hitoshi Kono (P-3_fukui.pdf)


P-4 Measurement of physiological responses of walking and standing pedestrians exposed to changeable thermal environment in outdoor space

Takuma Hasegawa, Yasuyuki Ishida, Saori Yumino, Tomonobu Goto, Akashi Mochida (P-4_hasegawa.pdf)


P-5 Heat island mitigation effects of various ground cover materials in and around Yokohama campus, Tokyo City University

Shoko Hashida, Hiroshi Omori, AtsumasaYoshida, Shinichi Kinoshita (P-5_hashida.pdf)


P-8 Summer heatstroke risk prediction for Tokyo in the 2030s based on mesoscale simulations by WRF

Masataka Kasai, Tsubasa Okaze, Miguel Yamamoto, Akashi Mochida, Kazumasa Hanaoka (P-8_kasai.pdf)


P-11 Performance evaluation of convective heat transfer on leaf surface by model specimens

Shinichi Kinoshita, Atsumasa Yoshida (P-11_kinoshita.pdf)


P-13 Estimation of sea breeze fronts using satellite imagery

Kosuke Kittaka, Hiroshi Miyazaki (P-13_kittaka.pdf)


P-26 Analysis of wind and radiant environment in street canyons for production of urban climate maps at district scale

Hideki Takebayashi, Yuki Kiyama, Naoki Yamamoto (P-26_takebayashi.pdf)


P-28 Development of a measurement instrument and its features for estimating the degree of wetness caused by outdoor misting

Yusuke Uchida, Minako Nabeshima, Masatoshi Nishioka (P-28_uchida.pdf)


P-29 A case study based on measurements of weather and energy use for heating and cooling in an urban area of Kumamoto city

Takahito Ueno, Takahiro Tashiro, Tokuhiro Amamoto (P-29_ueno.pdf)


P-32 Investigation and research on the green visual ratio and its psychological effects using an omnidirectional camera

Hirotoshi Yoda (P-32_yoda.pdf)


P-33 Making climatic zoning maps in Yokohama - comparison among different resolution calculations -

Makoto Yokoyama, Takahiro Tanaka, Toru Sugiyama, Satoru Sadohara (P-33_yokoyama.pdf)


P-34 Thermal environment and mental state in premises woods in urban Tokyo area

Atsumasa Yoshida, Shoko Hashida, Shinichi Kinoshita (P-34_yoshida.pdf)